Kiss Your Old Mop Goodbye With A New Mop Steam Cleaner

Posted in Uncategorized on March 31st, 2016

If you’ve been up late at night, then you’ve seen the mop steam cleaner They are what’s new when it comes to cleaning. They may look like a swiffer, but they are something quite different. Think about the change from shampooing carpets to steam cleaning carpets. Do you think that steam technology might fare quite well for other flooring in your home, too? 

Of course you’re not using the carpet steam cleaner on your hardwood, linoleum or tile flooring surfaces, but you sure can use a mop steam cleaner. Who wants to use a traditional mop anymore? It’s so much hard work, messy and it can leave streaks. With a steam cleaner, you’re not going to be streaking up the floor. You’re going to be getting it completely clean, too. 

Why use a steam cleaner instead of a swiffer? When you start comparing them, it makes sense. Steam cleaners have a range of versatile uses Swiffers do streak a floor, and they also use chemicals that you otherwise wouldn’t be using if you were steam cleaning your floor. Of course you could use a dry swiffer, but that’s not going to do any mopping for you. 

Of course not every mop steam cleaner is going to be the same. There are some that perform more than one function, and this means that your steam cleaner can also replace your broom. Naturally, you might want to clean the floor more than once a month to ensure you’re able to view things this way. 

If you haven’t used a steam cleaning mop, then you don’t know what you’re missing out on for sure. Are you ready to find out? Make sure your mop multitasks, and be sure that you have adjustable steam settings at your disposal. It’s time to get to clean the floors and kiss the old mop goodbye.